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Jason Ward MA UKCP North West London
Jason Ward MA UKCP North West London
65a Watford Way
Jason Ward MA Dip
01483 489211
Towergate Insurance
I help individuals work on life issues tied to anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, stress symptoms tied to childhood trauma, and families struggling with behavioral challenges. I teach communication skills that help with difficult relationships. These skills include helping my clients improve their power, voice, and contact with significant others. I employ many approaches in psychotherapy, including psychodynamic, gestalt, and cognitive behavioral.

For traumatic stress, I help individuals reduce symptoms of hyperarousal, panic, numbness, and pain in response to relationship and life challenges. With young adults I combine relationship and calming skills to reduce ADHD and family discord and increase self-efficacy. I work with emotions, behaviors, cognitions and physiology.

I work with individuals or couples to explore how small changes in life attitudes and body stances can create new ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world and help find new solutions to life problems. This approach can help individuals contact their sense of joy and competency.

I am a UKCP fully accredited Psychotherapist

MA Psychotherapy Dip Therapuetic Counselling
Counselling Central London
Counselling Central London
25 Floral Street
London, Central London, Greater London WC2E 9DS
£65.00 - £85.00
UKCP MA Psychotherapy
We are located at our new clinic in Covent Garden where we provide a safe and discreet therapeutic environment to begin the process of Counselling and Psychotherapy in London with a fully qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist at our Central London Clinic.testing

Our Counsellors have many years of experience and will be able to help you with your issues that you bring to therapy, we serve patients in Central London and North West London covering: Holborn, Covent Garden, Farringdon, Chancery Lane, City of London,London Bridge, Waterloo and Blackfriars. We offer a free initial assessment.
Elisa Bragg MA Psych UKCP North London
Elisa Bragg MA Psych UKCP North London
St. John's Avenue
07900 494816
N11 3BX
Tower Gate
Please approach me directly for a sliding scale of fees between £50 and £80 per hour depending on time of day and duration of session
I have had a private therapeutic practice since 2004 and have worked in the healing profession for 25 years. I provide one to one work as an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Personal Development Coach and Group Facilitator. I am also currently in the second year of my training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and provide stand alone Somatic Experiencing (SE) sessions for PTSD and trauma work, and include some SE as part of my general therapeutic framework.

I offer short term counselling and long term psychotherapy dependent on the support you require for your particular issue. I also provide coaching and creative mentoring for clients who have a specific project in mind that they want support in manifesting.

I teach meditation and mindfulness as well as creative visualisation techniques which are deeply supportive approaches in helping clients recognise and cultivate their own innate natural wisdom. Many clients experience this approach alongside therapy as a deeply empowering tool particularly in times of stress, anxiety and crisis. Mindfulness techniques helps to foster remaining steady and present rather than becoming overwhelmed by ones emotions.

As an experienced addictions therapist I support those struggling with compulsive and addictive behaviours including working with 12 Step Programmes, which together with therapy are a powerful healing combination. Addiction is a complex issue which is particularly prevalent in our current times. It can rob the individual of a sense of self and wellbeing leaving them feeling powerless and unmanageable around their particular addiction. In simple terms, addiction is a way to try and "fix" unwanted feelings and thoughts, but this eventually only leads to more of the same leaving the individual feeling increasingly isolated. However, in my experience with the appropriate support it can be halted, one day at a time, restoring dignity, self esteem and wellbeing.

I am an affiliate of DOR Therapy Services providing one to one short term counselling and parenting programmes within Children's Centres for vulnerable parents. Being a step mother to two young boys and guardian to a teenager has given me a privileged insight into the complexities and demands of being a parent.

I am an accredited Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) facilitator and provide one to one Group and Teen Programmes for individuals or groups in the Private and Public sector.

I have spent several years being a Foster Carer for Barnet Council and have a wealth of experience raising a child in ‘the care system’ along with Social Services as the Corporate Parent.
Crisis is often the gateway that leads us towards seeking support from a counsellor or psychotherapist. A relationship breaks down or a loved one dies leaving us bereft and confused, or we may struggle with unexpected life changes such as losing our job and left wondering about our identity or future options.

I am passionate about exploring suffering as a gateway to a deeper relationship with ourselves, and see it as a necessary initiation that often takes us by surprise, but that can lead us towards transformation and a sense of wholeness that is deep and enduring. Suffering in its original translation means "to undergo" ones process in times of change rather than being held captive in fear of life's challenges.

Einstein said that within adversity lies opportunity. This is a powerful spin on what could otherwise be seen as suffering without meaning. It also provides me with a resting place from which to approach my client work and life which is with compassion, empathy and creativity.

Often during the first sessions with a client they speak about their discomfort and sometimes embarrassment at not being able to work things out for themselves. For me there is nothing more humbling or privileged than sitting along side another human being with presence and compassion, whilst working together towards restoring equilibrium and a sense of wellbeing back to their lives.

I draw upon several different therapeutic practices to support my clients’ healing journey. No two clients are the same although they may present with similar issues, therefore I tailor my approach according to the individual. My Psychosynthesis psychotherapy training underpins all my interventions as it teaches us to see the individual as a whole being rather than our pathology alone. Symptoms are therefore sign posts that can lead us towards greater understanding and wholeness so that we have the freedom to express ourselves as fully as we can, rather than symptoms merely being problems we need to be rid of so that we can function again.
Lisa Mayall MBACP Hatfield Hertfordshire
Lisa Mayall MBACP Hatfield Hertfordshire
Brookmans Park
07836 291 493
Towergate Insurance
One to One sessions are £55. (sliding scale is available)

Relationship Counselling sessions are £80 per hour.

Parenting Consultations are £60 per hour.
I have degrees in Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development and Occupational Psychology. I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and have been in Private Practice since 1999.

I an Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and the British Psychological society. I am also an Accredited Triple P facilitator (Positive Parenting Practitioner).

I trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis which is part of Middlesex University and have worked for the London Boroughs of Brent and Ealing in schools, health centres and Children's centres as a Counsellor and Group Therapist.

As well as my experience in open ended longer term therapy I also work as a Clinical Case Manager for an EAP company offering Brief therapy and Solution Focused Counselling to help support people in a very immediate and practical way.
I am a qualified and experienced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with 15 years of experience working in one to one counselling, relationship/couples counselling and parenting support consultations.

I have worked as a Counsellor for the London Boroughs of Brent and Ealing and have a Private Practice in Brookmans Park, Hatfield in Hertfordshire. I also work as a Clinical Case Manager for an EAP company offering short term counselling and solution focused therapy.

I consider it a great privilege to be able to support people who are in pain, in distress or in crisis - in their personal, business or family life or those experiencing relationship issues.

I have had experience in helping those suffering with Depression; Anxiety and Stress; Loss of Purpose or Direction; Self Esteem issues; Bereavement, Loss or Endings; Relationship issues; Addictive Behaviours and generally supporting people until they feel back on their feet and have found their way again.

I specialise in working with Couples and individuals who want things in their life to be different and better.